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Every person writes their own book of life. I only provide ink and a quill

I heal not the soul, but with the soul

You are in Oksana Korolovych Development and Educational Space. It exists to help you find answers, increase your inner strength and broaden your knowledge.


You will find four directions represented by the four cardinal points.Each direction has its own aims and objectives:

  • The first direction is psychotherapeutic support. It is for those who want to overcome their concerns and fears and built inner strength and confidence.
  • The second direction is professional development. This direction is chosen by those who seek knowledge and specialty.
  • The third direction is development of spirituality and mindfulness. It is for those who want to grow spiritually and seek internal harmony.
  • The fourth direction is psychological approach for outsourcing. This is for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and take it to the next level.


You choose the direction. I can walk you along the road helping you to find your own path, your terrain.

My values

Every person has their personal realm, their core values. They act as unique markers that indicate how comfortable we are going to feel around a certain person.


I want to share my values with you so that you could compare how relatable they are to yours. My key life values are:



I am an honest and open person. I do not hide my true ‘self’ behind the mask of dry theory. I stand on my extensive experience of a therapist, an individual, a woman, and a human.


I am a broad experience in psychotherapy. I am committed to personal and professional growth. I develop and move constantly combining different directions. My productivity comes from a variety of tools that I use.


I love my profession. I value the moment of ‘here and now’. That is why I enjoy every minute of my work and communication with every person who comes to me.

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