Counselling for Ukrainian residents


Each of us is unique, with their inner world and their value. Each person needs protection and safety, love, approval and respect.


Problems and crises, misunderstandings in family and in society destroy our inner basis, take a lot of energy and leave us empty. We cannot be wholesome, active and healthy.


We cannot restore our resources and be happy about relationships or new opportunities.




What questions trouble contemporary people: 


  • Family relationships. How to preserve relationships, have a way with children and outline the roles in family? Should one prepare for having a child? 
  • Processes in the body. How to get in contact with your body? How to remove tightness and tension? What are the causes of chronic conditions, and whether it is possible to get rid of them? 
  • Sexuality. How to stop being embarrassed by your emotions and sensations and learn to accept yourself and your sexuality and enjoy? 
  • Personal growth. How to overcome personal insecurities? Why conflicts between staff happen? Is it possible to be successful preserving the balance in all life spheres? 


Similar to a house that cannot be built without a firm foundation, a person cannot grow without restoring his or her integrity. 


People are scared by this emptiness. But emptiness is a free space that we can fill in as we like. To refill our inner resources we need to take decisive and correct steps based on knowledge.


What will you get from the therapy with me?


Individual therapy pathway

At the beginning this pathway may seem difficult and treacherous. But once you realize the problem, you will have the power and intent to reach the end.

Analysis of inner request

We can constantly treat external symptoms, but only working with the underlying cause will bring long-term benefits.

Liberation of resource

You will find inner source of inspiration and strength. Each of us has a huge amount of inner resources. We only need to discover it!

Refilling with energy

You will push your own boundaries and feel the confidence both in yourself and in tomorrow. You will reach a new level in professional and personal life. 


What outcome can be expected:

I can help you walk the path of revival and safely, reconstruct the traumatized parts of your inner ‘self’ and reach integrity. You will learn to take responsibility for your actions and accept life challenges as another step to growth and development.

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