The South is a territory of a restart, resources and power. People choose this direction to solve internal problems, address family crises, and find answers to underlying issues and gain strength and confidence. The South means individual and family therapy.



The West means development, progress, aspiration for knowledge and achievement. That is why professional development is in the western part of my domain.


This part of Development and Educational Space is created for


  • psychology students at their last years of education who have a vague understanding about real work with clients and lack professional tools,


  • psychologists and psychotherapists who want to enhance their skills, gain knowledge and learn how to use various tools in a complementary way.


North means power, courage, conquer and victory. Since the dawn of time the North belonged to brave people, the Vikings. Social engagement and business are at the Northern part of my domain. Here I play a role of business consultant, facilitator and psychological consultant in outsourcing.


Psychological outsourcing is an all-new approach to increasing efficiency and leading the company to the next level.


Who needs psychological outsourcing?


First and foremost, companies that are focused on achieving the best results and those who want to build productive relations with employees. More and more companies begin to realize that psychological counselling is necessary for development of their main business resource – the people.

What do we associate the East and Eastern practices with? We connect it with observation, harmony and mindfulness. If your inner voice has led you here, then your eyes are focused on development of your spiritual capacity and consciousness. You are already filled with inner resource, but you want to grow, learn more about yourself and find inner peace.


I invite you to the Eastern realm, where I shall meet you as a Teacher.


Eastern direction harmoniously combines psychology and philosophy. Mindfulness practice enables us to acquire integrity and learn how to live in harmony of body and brain. We find harmony and happiness. We accept ourselves and the world around and reach the balance.