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Мій Шлях

My fundamental knowledge of psychotherapy and psychology is based on extensive professional and life experience. This allows me to choose an individual set of practices for each client, which meets his or her internal needs.


I'm confident that you can help another person only based on your life experience, combined with professional knowledge. It is very important for me to be fulfilled in different aspects of life, so I can share with others.


I talk with women about pregnancy and maternity, because I am a perinatal psychologist and a mom of three children. I can talk about relationships, because I studied the psychology of relationships and I myself am happily married. I lived through every formative phase of personal development. Each of these phases is inextricably linked with important milestones in my life.




  • Psychologist, psychotherapist, PhD: A qualified professional with 20 years of experience in the field of perinatal psychology, art therapy, body-oriented therapy, trauma therapy, sexology and sexopathology, logotherapy, transpersonal psychology, systemic family constellations. Member of of the Ukrainian Association of Family Psychologists and the head of the Kiev city branch of the Ukrainian Association of Family Psychologists. Member of the National Psychological Association (within the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations).


  • Coach, supervisor, systemic facilitator and adviser: Diagnostics of the psychological state of company employees, prevention of professional and personal burnout, building a hierarchy in the company, building communications between employees and clients and within the company. Conducting trainings for professional growth, resolving conflicts, planning, achieving efficiency and strengthening the team of project managers and project coordinators.


  • Cooperation with international organizations: HealthRight International and International Charitable Foundation «Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health». Individual and group supervisions for staff working with the most vulnerable sectors of society, such as victims of violence and internally displaced persons who have been affected by the consequences of the armed conflict in the East of  kraine.


  • Represented Ukraine at the IV International Congress of Families 2007 in Warsaw, Poland.




«Oksana Korolovych Development and Educational Space»

Founder and owner

2017 – present time


  • Organizational business facilitator and adviser, trainer, supervisor. Since 2015, I have been cooperating with the HealthRight International and International Charitable Foundation «Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health», Kyiv, Ukraine.


  • Individual and group supervision of staff at the Human Rights Clinic, HealthRight day center, social apartment for mothers and pregnant women in the projects «Access to HIV prevention services, testing and treatment for the most vulnerable girls and women in Kyiv: street-involved, internally displaced, victims of violence» and «Protection of the rights of victims of torture: rehabilitation, care and capacity building of service providers in Ukraine».


  • Conducting webinars and supervisions for mobile teams of social and psychological assistance in the UNFPA project «Integrated response to end gender-based violence against women and minor girls in Ukraine» and UNICEF project «An integrated approach to addressing gender-based violence against boys, girls, men and women in the eastern regions of Ukraine».


  • Private psychotherapeutic practice. Individual and family counseling for clients.


  • Conducting trainings, retreats and transformational psychological games.


  • Professional training in psychology and psychotherapy for psychology students.



Center of Holistic Development «Uterus». Kiev, Ukraine.

Founder and co-owner

2016 – 2017


  • Individual and family counseling for men and women aged 18 to 70. Existential issues (sense of life, loneliness, depression); the issue of male and female identity; relations with children and parents, other family members; search of one’s place in the generic system; relationship with a partner; questions of sexology and sexopathology; perinatal psychology and conscious parenting; psychosomatics, work with trauma, lack of contact with the body and feelings; age crises.


  • Use of approaches of transpersonal psychology, systemic constellations, existential psychotherapy, anthroposophical medicine, homeopathy, etc.



Psychological Center «He and She». Kiev, Ukraine

Founder and Director

2008 – 2015


  • Individual women's counseling on the main issues of interaction and relationships with men. Conducting trainings.


  • Using the methodology of sexology, application of methods of work with the body, art therapy, authentic female and respiratory practices.



International Charity Foundation «Conscious Parenthood», «Association for Conscious Parenthood». Kiev, Ukraine.

Founder, Head of the Fund and Association

2005 – 2010


  • In 2004 the Foundation and the Association of Conscious Parenthood established an annual «Ukrainian Festival of Conscious Parenthood», which began with the exhibition of pregnant women's drawings in the «Ukrainian House» and subsequently grew to a weekly length festival in all major cities of Ukraine. The festival combined activities for pregnant women, couples, families (exhibitions, lectures) and an international conference on perinatal psychology.


  • In 2006 founders of perinatal psychology and psychology of conscious parenting were invited – Michel Odent, David Chamberlain, Galina Filippova. The prize for the special contribution to the development of the perinatal culture of Ukraine was founded.


  • In 2007 I participated in an all-Ukrainian educational project organized by the Social Service for Family, Children and Youth as a guest expert and trainer for social workers and psychologists of social services within the framework of the «Program for the prevention of social orphanhood, abandonment of newborns».



Psychological Center «Eylitiya». Kiev, Ukraine

Co-owner and director

2003 – 2007


  • Work with women and couples during planning, waiting and birth of a child. Infertility was a separate area of work.


  • The clients of the center were taking pregnancy, childbirth and conscious parenthood preparation courses. Women were given an opportunity to give birth in maternity homes with the help of doctors who collaborated with the center and shared it’s views.


  • The Center conducted the first training programs in perinatal psychology for psychologists and doctors. «Eylitiya» became a platform for cooperation with other initiatives and centers of preparation for parenthood. As a result, the Association of Conscious Parenthood was created, which united people who wanted to bring the culture of conscious parenthood to Ukraine.


  • My author program «Psychological preparation of family couples for pregnancy, childbirth and conscious parenthood» was approved by the Presidium Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Ukraine.





  • I completed the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction MBSR Teacher Training Foundation Course at Mindful Academy Solterreno and Institute for Mindfulnessand, and am entitled to teach all core mindfulness practices.
  • I completed a course «Stress Management and Crises Negotiation» at the International Training Center «Mediation School» and received a certificate.




  • I completed a course «Basic skills of family medaitor» at the International Training Center «Mediation School» and received a certificate.
  • I completed the complex training program «Basic medaitor's skills» at the International Training Center «Mediation School» and received a certificate.
  • I passed an 8-week «Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction» course and received a certificate, Mindful Academy Solterreno, Mindful Awareness Project.




  • I completed Professional Training «Healing Trauma» at GSH Israel Trauma Center and received a certificate. Following topics were covered during the training: Shock trauma and PTSD (Dr. Peter Levine), The Polyvagal theory by Dr. Steven Porges, The Trauma and Memory, Sexual Trauma, Addictions and Co-dependency, Developmental Trauma, Attachment disorders, Syndromes. I can work according to the method of Dr. Peter Levine.
  • I completed a course of online-seminars conducted by Dr. Janae Weinhold «Developmental psychotherapy in life and profession» and received a certificate.
  • I completed a course of online-seminars conducted by Dr. Leslie S. Greenberg «An Introduction to Emotion-Focused Therapy Workshop, for working with individuals», York University, Emotion-focused Therapy Clinic.
  • I completed training under the program «Working with trauma in SOLWI therapy. The method of desensitization and processing of trauma by F. Shapiro and the modular-transformational approach of E. Bleichmar» in the psychological center «Solar Wind» and received a certificate.
  • I passed a course of online-seminars conducted by Dr. Janae Weinhold «4-Stage Model of Child Development» and received a certificate.
  • I completed a refresher course in «System Consulting and Family Therapy» at the Institute of Psychological Counseling and Online Therapy, Association of Free Psychotherapists (Verband Freier psychotherapeuten, VFP), Germany.
  • I have become a member of the Ukrainian Association of Family Psychologists and the head of the Kiev city branch of the Ukrainian Association of Family Psychologists.




  • I'm studying at the course of neuropsychology «Neurocracy».
  • I'm studying at the Harry Herth’s course «Transactional Analysis in Organizations».
  • I was certified in the DiSC Classic® Certification Course from WILEY Inc by Training Force.
  • I took part in Allan Pease’s master class «Answer» and received a certificate.
  • I’ve become a member of the Ukrainian Association of Transactional Analysis and the European Association of Transactional Analysis.
  • I took part as a speaker in the program of the Ukrainian training company «Osnova» at the V International online conference «Art-coaching strategies for personal growth».



  • I was certified in Max Schupbach’s International Program at Deep Democracy Institute.
  • I was certified in Oleg Mironov’s course «System Levels of Organization and Procedural Support of Projects».
  • I was certified in Vsevolod Zelenin’s program «Training for trainers».
  • I trained and qualified for conducting a transformation training game «I am alive».




  • I graduated from a course in Logotherapy, specialization «Integrated Psychotherapy: Noo-Psychotherapy» at the Institute of Biofeedback and Noo-Psychosomatic under the European Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis at the EALEA Institute of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis at the Victor Frankl Institute Vienna. Lublin, Poland.


  • I completed the training seminar course in «Systemic constellations and system-phenomenological counseling» at the Society of Phenomenological Consultancy SoPheCo with the participation of experts from the Institute of Applied Psychology Sadalmelik.


  • I have completed an additional module for learning Holotropic Breathing Method «Celtic Shamanism» by Cait Branigan. Grof Transpersonal Training.


  • I’ve completed mandatory module for learning Holotropic Breathing Method «Holotropic Paradigm» by Tev Sparks. Grof Transpersonal Training.


  • I took part in the program «Sexual Disorders in Women and Men and their Correction» at the University of Classical and Modern Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching.




  • I completed the certificate program «Fundamentals of Sexology and Sexual Pathology» at the Dragomanov NPU.


  • I completed the 9-month course «Classical homeopathy with the basics of anthroposophic medicine» and received a certificate from the Institute of Homeopathy «Protos».


  • I was trained in conducting author psychological games «Family Scenarios» and received a master's diploma for the right to conduct individual and group games and to advise on the results of the game, at the «Zhiraff» Games Corporation.




  • I took part in methodological training and got the right to conduct a metaphorical transformational training «Mirror» at the Institute of Developmental Psychology «MAXsimum», also I completed the online course «Metaphorical and associative cards: theory and practice».




  • I graduated from the three-year course on specialty «Body-Focused Therapy of the Psychological Trauma, Psychological Disorders and Chemical Addiction» at the Society of Practicing Psychologists «Gestalt-Approach» under the Moscow Gestalt Institute program in accordance with the standards of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy.




  • I participated in the First International Forum of Non-Governmental Organizations «Family from A to Z» with the support of the United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF, the Swiss Cooperation Office in Ukraine, the International Charitable Foundation «Ukraine- 3000» and the United States Agency for International Development with the assistance of The Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ministry of Ukraine on Family, Youth and Sports.


  • I completed the course of study, got certified and fully mastered the skills of the Art-therapy program at the Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology in Moscow, Russian Federation.




  • I completed short-term advanced training on the topic «Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine. Psychological health of the future mother and her child» at the Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology. Moscow, Russian Federation.




  • I was trained and received a certificate from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and UNICEF «International Lecturer» under the program «Contemporary Lactation and Breastfeeding».




  • I performed as the author of the program «Medical and psychological preparation for childbirth and conscious parenthood» at the Festival «Family of the Third Millennium», the Second International Scientific and Practical Conference «On the brink of a new era: current models of education and health» at the Institute for Planetary Synthesis. Geneva, Switzerland.


  • I was trained at the Academy for Advanced Training and Retraining of the Education Workers of the Russian Federation under the program of the author course by Lapubur M. Ye. And Filippova G. G. «Perinatal Psychology. Psychology of Parenthood».




Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (2007)


Dissertation topic: «Peculiarities of formation of women's psychological readiness to motherhood».


Master's Degree in Psychology, Diploma with Honors (1999)


Kherson State University


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