Oleksandra, Marketing Specialist

Together with Oksana, I completed a full childbirth preparation course at the same time attending her uniquely designed course, where I studied human emotions and thoroughly prepared to be a mother. Oksana helped me to adjust after having a baby. I would like to express deep gratitude and recommend Oksana to women, men and spouses.

Elena, Family Psychologist

Professional interaction and communication with Oksana is an exciting and rich process. Incredible charisma and professional competence create a safe and trustworthy space giving the opportunity to open up, understand your strengths, solve complex problems and find answers. Thank you for the invaluable experience and the joy of communication!

Координатор проектів Анна Рашко
Anna Rashko, Project Coordinator

The year of therapy helped me to understand my feelings and emotions and realize what I want in life. My relationships with family and friends have improved. I stopped blaming others and complaining about the circumstances. I realized my femininity and beauty. I started to enjoy life. Thanks to Oksana I reinvented myself!

Фотограф Вікторія Гнатюк
Viktoriia Hnatiuk, Photographer

During every training session or meeting with Oksana, you discover yourself more and more. I like professionals who use completely different approaches (therapy, body psychotherapy, meditation.) I am thankful for helping me to discover my femininity and reach harmony in family, as well as for consulting me during pregnancy and after the birth of a child.