Professional development

Professional development

The West means development, progress, aspiration for knowledge and achievement. That is why professional development is in the western part of my domain.


This part of Development and Educational Space is created for


  • psychology students at their last years of education who have a vague understanding about real work with clients and lack professional tools,


  • psychologists and psychotherapists who want to enhance their skills, gain knowledge and learn how to use various tools in a complementary way.


Training programs


I developed several programs. Each of them is a result of my 20 years’ psychotherapy practice, personal development and search. Each program combines theory with most effective practical tools.


  • Perinatal psychotherapy program: Family and Harmonious Parenthood. The program is developed for those who want to work in the area of responsible parenthood. We will consider the basic concepts of perinatal psychology and psychotherapy, learn how to prepare a woman to become a mother, study how the family system changes with the birth of a child, talk about postnatal period and upbringing, and learn how to support parents who lost their child.


  • Individual and family counselling program ‘He. She. Together’ was developed for professionals who want to improve their understanding of men and women’s psychology and increase their awareness on the issues of sexual medicine. We will study the formation of men’s and women’s psyche, learn about the rules of a family system and talk about sexuality, health and pathology.


  • Life Cycles. The Task of Each Period is my author’s program. It is a quintessence of scientific psychological approach and philosophy. It combines developmental and existential psychology. We will take a look at key developmental phases of human life and age crises over the course of a human life span.


  • ‘Effective Tools for Practicing Psychologists and Psychotherapists’ program is a collection of universal instruments from different areas pf psychotherapy. The program was developed for professionals who want to find out about new sustainable and effective strategies, learn how to combine different methods and approaches and tailor them to the individual needs of a client.


Teaching methods


For your convenience we offer in-person and online modes of study.

Online method will focus on theory. This mode was created for those who cannot attend lessons in person (i.e.
living in another city or having uncomfortable working hours.)

In-person study is more practical. Every psychotherapist has to deeply understand and feel the process and result of his or her work. All participants are supervised by me during their practice.