Psychological support for emigrants


What to do if you are overwhelmed by deep longing for you Motherland? What to do if the feeling of anxiety does not go away?


Where to find friends and how not to become a social outcast? These and many other questions ask people who moved to a new country.

Emigration can be compared to birth. People come to a new world where everything is alien and unfamiliar. They are stressed, sometimes even shocked. For some people it leads to apathy, for others to aggression and resistance.




Problems that emigrants face: 


  • Inability to find their place in society. The newcomers do not feel they are among their own people. They feel discomfort talking to people around them. They begin to doubt the decision to move, and, what’s even worse, themselves.
  • Suffering from constant anxiety. It seems like everything is fine. The financial situation is stable, life is good, but the feeling of unrest continues to nag from the inside.
  • Deep longing for Motherhood. The absence of home and closed ones is deeply felt abroad. The person becomes withdrawn refusing everything new.
  • Lack of understanding in family (especially if the partner has other mentality). Different views and the lack of spiritual kinship results in dissatisfaction and resentment. The invisible barrier, a wall of misunderstanding, arises destroying the relationships.


All of this makes you want to hide, separate and isolate yourself. Many people try to cope without assistance. But such problems can rarely be addressed single-handedly.

For more than 10 years, I have been working with migrants from post-soviet countries. I provide safe space where every person can inquire into themselves, feeling my support.


Why emigrants from all over the world come to me? 


Native language

You can be fluent in English, French or Arabic, but only the mother tongue lets you express all the nuances of your state of mind.

Common mentality

As a representative of your Motherland, I reach through barriers that clients unconsciously put at the beginning of therapy.


Online counselling allows working with your internal requests at a comfortable time or place for you.

Affordable prices

My consultations cost less than similar therapy services in Europe or USA.



What outcome can you expect:

By exploring their deepest concerns, emigrants learn to accept their new living conditions and realize their place in the new world. The desire to return slowly disappears. They restore confidence in the future, inner balance and peace, as well as the ability to be open to new opportunities and find pleasure in life changes.

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