Social engagement and business. Psychological approach for outsourcing

Social engagement and business. Psychological approach for outsourcing

North means power, courage, conquer and victory. Since the dawn of time the North belonged to brave people, the Vikings. Social engagement and business are at the Northern part of my domain. Here I play a role of business consultant, facilitator and psychological consultant in outsourcing.


Psychological outsourcing is an all-new approach to increasing efficiency and leading the company to the next level.


Who needs psychological outsourcing?


First and foremost, companies that are focused on achieving the best results and those who want to build productive relations with employees. More and more companies begin to realize that psychological counselling is necessary for development of their main business resource – the people.


How psychological outsourcing is different from corporate psychological counselling or coaching?


  • Initial assessment. Before moving to practice I always do a climate assessment of all staff and try to find out about conflicts to identify needs and friction points.


  • Individual approach. I choose my methods based on the real life situation in the company.


  • Comprehensive approach. I carry out general trainings according to the company’s request. Every company is unique. I do not have a typical training session. I also offer individual psychotherapy interventions for all staff.


  • Professional team. Together with business coach and other experts on the subject, we develop a unique
    program for each company. We create a comfortable climate for all staff, which helps to maintain
    individual mental wellbeing as well as increases motivation and stimulates growth.


Social engagement and business counselling is not exclusively for executives and entrepreneurs.

If you wish to find your place in the community or in the company, start your business and reach a professional
success, then Northern direction is for you.