Spirituality and mindfullness

Spirituality and mindfullness

What do we associate the East and Eastern practices with? We connect it with observation, harmony and mindfulness. If your inner voice has led you here, then your eyes are focused on development of your spiritual capacity and consciousness. You are already filled with inner resource, but you want to grow, learn more about yourself and find inner peace.


I invite you to the Eastern realm, where I shall meet you as a Teacher.


Eastern direction harmoniously combines psychology and philosophy. Mindfulness practice enables us to acquire integrity and learn how to live in harmony of body and brain. We find harmony and happiness. We accept ourselves and the world around and reach the balance.


What can you expect on a retreat?


  • Training that will combine theory of selected topics and practical use of gained knowledge. The trainings are focused on harmonization of different aspects of life, reaching the balance and discovering of personal uniqueness.


  • Transformative games are an opportunity to discover your other sides and get inspired with new ideas, as well as realize your natural potential and, most importantly, understand the way to unlock it.


  • Master classes are lessons when the teacher shares his own knowledge and experience, which may become useful on the path to self-fulfillment and life improvement.


  • Body-oriented practices focus on deep interaction with one’s body. They are dances, meditation and yoga. The body of each person preserves suppressed emotions and feelings, pain and fears. Mindful work with our bodies helps us to hear our deepest needs and find solutions to issues that trouble us.


A complete immersion and closeness to nature allows us to put aside societal expectations and daily routine of living in a metropolis. On a retreat, every participant focuses on their inner world, their wishes and needs, and finds answers to innermost questions when looking deeply inside themselves. We give ourselves permission to slow down and become immersed in the process of observation.


Retreats will let you:


  • revive your natural wisdom,


  • restore your sensitivity and zest for life,


  • become aware of your fears and transform them,


  • unlock your creative potential,


  • realize the laws and rules of interaction with the world,


  • harmonize the mind-body connection, and


  • improve the quality of life.